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explorer. storyteller. hotelier. director of leisure. wife. mother. angelino. nomad.

EXPLORER i'm not exactly sure where this instinct to get up and go came from... my dad traveled a lot when I was little, both for pleasure and business, domestic and international. I only went where kids normally go - Disney, Hawaii etc. Like moving away from home for college, traveling was never a question of if, but where and when. In college I was blessed to study abroad in Italy, and on Semester at Sea, circumventing the globe and visiting nearly a dozen countries while learning from some of the world's top professors (my travel writing and world art classes were particularly memorable). Luckily, my career in travel has allowed me to travel for work as well. I'm a big believer in experiencing a destination the way a local would. Though I have had some great tours, there is nothing I love more than getting lost in a foreign country. I am constantly searching for the world's most charming streets... 

STORYTELLER though I have always been in sales, I consider myself a storyteller. I want to tell a story that people can relate to and will be inspired by. I would never sell anything I didn't believe in, or didn't think someone would want or need or benefit from. I don't sell ice to eskimos. I am passionate about sharing information with others that will have meaningful impact on their lives. And luckily, selling travel, I get to do that everyday. 

HOTELIER like most in the industry, I stumbled upon my career in hotels and hospitality. It was 2009, and I had just graduated college and completed an additional associates degree in graphic design to compliment my bachelor's degree in marketing. It was the beginning of the recession and I was new to New York and to the job force (not a great combo). Armed with a well designed resume, I found an internship on craigslist working in the marketing and PR department for a lifestyle hotel company. From there, armed with a slightly more experience to add to my well designed resume, I started working for the sales department of a small boutique hotel (Chambers) in Midtown. A charming little property with the world's best shower. Literally. As a mid-twenty something though, I craved to be downtown. I got lucky and found a role with The Standard hotels, and joined the sales team tasked with re-opening their newest edition to the brand, The Standard, East Village. Like all great explorers do, I wanted to experience uncharted waters. I am passionate about technology in the hospitality space, so when I found onefinestay, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity for my next role. The start-up company was the perfect mix of a boutique hotel and airbnb. 

DIRECTOR OF LEISURE what more could I ask for, right? This is my dream job. I am fortunate enough to work for a privately owned, family business - very rare these days. I work with inspiring people whose job is to help plan some of the most memorable life experiences - travel. There is this wide misconception that travel agents were made irrelevant by the internet. It's the exact opposite. The internet is inundated with so many options and "deals" to chose from, that it has become nearly impossible, or at least very painful, to plan your own vacation. At a certain point in all our lives, time becomes as important and as valuable as money. When I had a family of my own, and my husband and I both had busy careers and a household to manage, it clicked for me, just as it has for anyone who uses a travel agent.: for a very small, and very reasonable premium (most people don't know that) a travel agent will do all the research and all the heavy lifting of planning travel for you. They also have established relationships with hotels and tour operators so that you are getting superior treatment when you travel: amenities, better service, upgrades etc. My role as director of leisure is to really to help tell the story of the travel agent and show the value it can bring to every travel experience.

ANGELINO my current home. After living in New York, where it's at least an hour before you can escape the hustle of the city, I love that in LA, I can be hiking or on the beach in 20 minutes from nearly anywhere in the city.

WIFE in 2011, under the Brooklyn Bridge I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, Nick. His education in Medicine took us to New York in 2009, and his surgical residency brought us back to the West Coast (Los Angeles) in 2013. 

MOTHER in 2016, Nick and I welcomed our son, Maddox Ryan. In less than 10 months of life he had trekked with us to Canada, England and Italy. Being a mom has drastically changed the way I live and the way we travel.  I always say, becoming a parent is like moving to a new planet. 

NOMAD some people hate change, I thrive from it. Originally from Northern Nevada, I moved to California shortly after my 18th birthday to attend the University of San Diego. From there I moved to New York, living in 3 of the 5 boroughs in just over 4 years. I've never lived in any one home more than 5 years. I love making a space more functional and welcoming - a pretty obvious sign that I love hospitality.