Megan MangusoFRIENDS

Thanksgiving Favorites #2017

Megan MangusoFRIENDS
Thanksgiving Favorites #2017


#cocktail Cranberry-Spice Cocktail (cider, Aperol, ginger) // Food & Wine
not too sweet, refreshing and all the right spice for a holiday celebration

#gravy Fresh Herb Gravy// Food & Wine
the fresh herbs really take gravy to another level - best I've ever had!

#stuffing Cornbread, chorizo, cherry, and pecan stuffing // Bon Appetit via epicurious
the perfect non-traditional stuffing. This with the gravy made an unbelievable leftover sandwich.

#dessert  Honey-Cinnamon Ice Cream, Ginger Molasses Cookie Sandwiches //  FLOUR Bakery + Cafe via epicurious (ice cream) & Mel's Kitchen Cafe (cookies)
these cookies are the perfect flavor and chewy-ness and the combo with the ice cream is killer. #obsessed


My friends and family are all over the country so it's rare that we get to see many people we love over the holidays. We have started a great tradition with our friends Keith and Brian (who I successfully, and with the help of California weather convinced to transplant from NYC to LA) to have a #friendsfeast for one of the winter holidays. This year, we chose Thanksgiving. Brian, the most amazing home chef, always puts together elaborate google doc menu options that we have to vote for (everyone needs a type A #foodie in their life), and then he narrows down a dining experience that includes several courses.

everyone needs a type A #foodie in their life
Epic meal planning by @bcinLA

Epic meal planning by @bcinLA

But the experience is so casual and laid-back that it's become one of Nick and I's favorite days of the year. We all pitch in as su chefs for Brian (Maddy acts as entertainment) and the day is full of laughter and delicious food.

The Staples

We only kept a few staples in this year: mulled wine for later in the evening, Dahlia Bakery's Banana Cream Pie that Keith and I insist on making despite the 12hrs it takes to make, and curry carrot hummus (which is great year round).  

the experience is so casual and laid-back that it’s become one of Nick and I’s favorite days of the year.